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Why buy from us? 

We have many varieties of color combinations using beads and Lava rocks. Most of our bracelets are made with lava rocks to be paired with your favourite essential oil to promote health, wellness and energy. As some of us may know, colours can have an an impact on our moods and feelings. For example, orange; orange is known as the colour of the extrovert.It is associated with adventure and creativity and is also used to draw attention and uplift moods.Orange is a blend of red and yellow, giving it a lot of energy and warmth.

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, stimulates the left side of the brain and causes quick thinking and reduces indecisiveness.It is known to boost moods and increase energy.

The colour green balances emotions and is a symbol of health, wealth and new beginnings.It has the ability to revitalize and balance as well as increase luck.This colour is a natural healer.The connection between the colour green and good health is commonly made, but many often do not notice that this colour makes them feel safe and hopeful.

White represents purity.It is associated with simplicity, perfection, and makes others feel good by providing them with clarity and renewal.It makes people feel appreciated and valued.

Purple is the colour of royalty and spirituality.It creates fantasies and encourages us to confront our deepest thoughts.It is associated with compassion and creativity.Purple has a powerful presence and can be an intimidating colour.

Below of some examples of the bracelets we offer. There can be paired with an arrangement or given as a gift on their own. The red and black combo's are great for a his and her gift!

Passionate and energized

Spiritual meaning of red:

Red is known for representing passion. Red can be associated with power, strength, and romantic attraction.

Red easily catches our attention because of how bright it is and the way that it stands out against other colours. 


A little touch of sexy…

Spiritual meaning of black:

The colour black exudes authority and sophistication. It is often seen at formal events and is considered to be sexy and sleek.



Calming energy…

Spiritual meaning of blue:

Blue represents loyalty, peace and honesty.It is used for relaxation and protection.Blue subtly makes itself known by bringing tranquility.When we are overwhelmed, blue helps us to decompress and remain calm.The colour is a peacemaker and is against stirring up conflict.


I feel pretty!

Pink evokes feelings of peace, compassion, and love.It is also the colour of femininity and nurturing, as well as understanding.Unlike its cousin red, pink is usually more subtle and cheerful.

Spiritual meaning of pink:

Pink often represents femininity and romance.It makes us feel accepted and nurtures us.It embodies all things good in the world and is not meant to threaten or intimidate.


Down to earth…

Spiritual meaning of brown:

Brown is the colour of stability.The colour brown is full of wisdom and encourages an appreciation for all of life’s small treasures.The colour brown gives support and protection when it is needed the most.


Flower Delivery Locations

We're proud to offer reliable and affordable flower delivery services in Guelph, Waverley, ON and surrounding areas. Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or simply brighten up your own day, our flower delivery is the perfect way to do it. Floral Images provides same-day or next-day flower delivery to the following areas:

Arkell, Breslau, Cambridge East, Cambridge Northeast, Cambridge Northwest, Cambridge, Eden Mills, Elmira, Guelph Central, Guelph East, Guelph North, Guelph Northwest, Guelph South, Guelph West, Guelph, Guelph-Eramosa, Kitchener, Milton, Moffat, Puslinch, West Montrose